GIS Consultancy

Delivering an individually tailored service, we provide independent consultancy, free from any software vendor that will address all your GIS requirements.
We work closely with our clients to build strong, long lasting relationships, providing support and maintenance as our team of highly experienced GIS professionals guide you through the integration of your solution.
Location has been at the heart of our business for over 18 years and we strive to ensure that all of our customers benefit from greater use of their geographic information.

Spatial Analysis

Understanding your spatial data to determine the right solution to your geospatial challenges. Our GIS experts can perform in-depth analysis on your data that will help you to answer questions of why, what, when, how, to make informed decisions and reveal patterns and trends.
Our spatial analysis services help our clients to better understand the world around them through the analysis of surface features, networks and locations. Analysis can be carried out to establish solutions ranging from surface form and flow, routing issues and facility locations to distance and direction, visibility and spatial planning.


Enrich your address data with our geocoding services and discover new insights by analyzing it in a GIS environment.
We can transform address information into a valid spatial representation of its location whilst our reverse geocoding service will transform coordinate information back to a readable address.

Data Conversion and Migration

Having the right spatial data but in the wrong formats for your GIS can be frustrating. Our data conversion services will convert your spatial data for use with any GIS platforms of your choice.
Our highly experienced data conversion specialists can develop automated routines that will extract and manipulate your data between different formats. We can convert data from raster to vector and vector to raster format as well as re-projecting your data from one coordinate system to another.

GIS Data Capture

The data you require is not always readily available or in a format you require. Our data capture services can help you to capture the information that is important to your organization.
We can capture data and assets that range from land parcels, topographic features, utility networks and environmental features to GPS points and satellite imagery. Data can be provided in your format of preference for use and further analysis in a GIS.

Project Management

With a team of experienced GIS practitioners we can help support the successful delivery of your GIS project.
We have helped to deliver both small and large scale projects for our clients, assisting from the planning stage through to the initiation and execution of the project. Our team is highly experienced and can be relied upon to drive your project all the way to completion, whilst monitoring and measuring performance throughout to ensure you remain fully informed regarding the progress of your project.

FTTH / FTTX / GPON Network Planning and Design

We believe that a connected world is a better world. Using our GIS technology, or relying on our services, internet service providers have been able to re-invent how they roll out fiber optic networks for the better. We have handled planning phase of FTTH/GPON deployment by creating basemap displaying road networks and OSP (Outside Plant), which are critical to the planning and expansion of fibre optic network.

Urban and Regional Planning

Cities are more than just a collection of buildings and infrastructure – they are living places that are inhabited by people. Whether a city is newly built or can trace its origins to ‘time immemorial’, urban planning is crucial to their continued relevance and support of its population. We render a wide range of spatial planning services ranging from:
Planning policy advice and development studies,
Structure plans, master plans and local area planning
Development applications and approval facilitation
Traffic impact assessments
Site access and internal layout planning and design.

Staff Augmentation

Find out more about how we offer towns, cities, and counties an opportunity to use our advanced on-call and staff augmentation services. We offer nationally recognized experts and technical staff to support your GIS initiative. Using the best people is an essential ingredient for success.
Many organizations can benefit in some way from GIS staff augmentation. If you are curious about how you can leverage GIS through the addition of well-trained GIS staff, let us provide you with recommendations for moving forward with staff augmentation services.